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Executive summary of Organic Hill Farming Company

Organic Hill farming Company limited was established on 28th December 2020 taking over Usambara Push Pull Programme and Happy Cows Project and transform the projects into business venture for sustainability purposes. The aim of the company is to create a reliable source organic agriculture services and seeds locally and internationally.

The company has four main activities which are Organic agriculture extension services to more than 200 farmers who are under Push Pull Programme in Sunga and Mbaru wards. Direct production of Greenleaf Desmodium Seeds, local maize variety (Shee), vegetable seeds, and fodder grass seeds. In order to get stable price and reliable market the company is also engaging itself on marketing of farmers produce. The company is also offering organic agriculture consultation services to public and private organizations outside Lushoto district.

Under Ms. Oliver Venance Mrosso (CEO) the company has managed to create a good link with organizations like ICIPE, TARI, LIMBUA, TOAM, SEKEM, SATIVA and Echo Community.


Leadership Organic Hill Farming

The Company farms small demonstration plots itself, yet focusses on an Extension Service consisting of field trainings for smallholder farmers, regular farm visits and supervision of farm activities. At the same time it provides marketing support for programme farmers and their produce.


  • To adapt the Push & Pull technology to farming on steep slopes with a large variety of crops and vegetables in rotation.
  • To integrate Push & Pull as part of an adapted organic farming system.
  • To increase soil fertility and thus the production potential of Sunga & Mbaru Wards.
  • To establish a strong organic farming community to serve as a role model for other areas in Eastern Africa.


  • To transmit the necessary skills of organic farming to smallholder farmers 
  • To provide access to necessary inputs for organic farming, especially open pollinating seeds of crops, vegetables, as well as Greenleaf Desmodium
  • To improve the access to local and distant markets for a large variety of produce


  • To cooperate and regularly train 100 – 150 smallholder farms in 4-5 villages of Sunga & Mbaru Wards
  • To diversify agricultural production, so as to enable low input, high output organic produce for local consumption and the market
  • To select, multiply and produce 100 kg of Greenleaf Desmodium, as well as crop and vegetable seed for the local farming community and the market.



We love organic farming and we think that it’s the future of farming. We also believe that serving farmers with the tools to grow, produce and market sustainably is part of what we do at Organic Hill Farming.– Oliver Mroso


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