Why we should choose Organic Farming?

Organic farming is hard, hands down. We are trying our best to teach farmers the importance of growing food organically, especially when it is for human consumption. It’s one thing to grow your own food for personal use, but it’s another matter entirely if you are selling it to consumers outside your family. As organic farmers ourselves, we have always believed that organic cultivation practices are key for the improvement of the soil fertility and health hence the overall nutritional value of the produce.

Organic farming is an increasingly popular and rapidly growing mode of agriculture that’s not only highly beneficial to the environment but also to our wellness and well-being.

Organic farming is a way of doing agriculture that maintains the health of soils, ecosystems and communities. We help farmers transition from conventional to organic by providing 1-on-1 training in their fields. We teach them how to create healthy soils which makes their plants more resilient and protects the earth from climate change.

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